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Monthly Reflection - July 2020

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All my articles are first published and hosted on my blog - you can find this article here. You may also be interested in my tweets on my Twitter profile and my monthly newsletter. πŸ”₯

A reflection on my July 2020 of what I have done and achieved.

What did I do? πŸ’»

New articles πŸ“°

Additions and modifications to my website

Additions and modifications to ellaparsons.design

  • Contact form using Formspree
  • Avatar background colour animation on hover

Started a newsletter

Using MailChimp, I decided to start a monthly newsletter with updates on my most recent projects and articles and to also share any tools and resources I may have come across. This also required me to create email hosting for my domain name.

Hosted an eBook giveaway event

Created a Twitter bot

I created a Twitter bot that will retweet and like tweets containing the #NoPreviewHtmlCss hashtag. It's built using Node.js and TypeScript and hosted on Heroku. You can't find the bot here.


Project state manager

I've been working on a project (found here) where my focus is on learning Vuex for state management. This project uses some other neat Vue.js libraries such as Vuetify and Vuelidate and is also written with TypeScript.

Played around with the hover media query

I made the below CodePen and wrote this article.

Read 2 books


  • Began recording a course (this takes many, many attempts before a final cut because my stutter seems to ruin it πŸ˜…)
  • Started writing an eBook

Achievements πŸŽ‰

Reached 2000, & 3000, & 4000 followers on Twitter

Matt Edwards wrote a mini LinkedIn article about me

DEV featured my article on Twitter

Packt Publishers tweeted my Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and CSS book review

Danny Thompson reviewed my LinkedIn

(Skip to 26m 06s for my LinkedIn review but the entire video is incredibly useful! πŸ”₯)

I found this review really detailed and thorough and have taken their advice into careful consideration to improve my LinkedIn profile.

Chris Coyier followed me on Twitter

This was exciting because I really look up to Chris, he's done so much for developers: Co-founded CodePen and created CSS-Tricks.

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That's quite an amazing month productive as well as inspiring


Thank you! I do these every month to help me reflect on what I've done and achieved πŸ™‚