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Course review: 'Create Your Following' by Danny Thompson

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Create Your Following by Danny Thompson.

HOW TO GET FOLLOWERS ON TWITTER! How I went from 0 to 30k Followers in 90 Days!

Strive for engagement, not followers.

I've always been a believer that a large following, leads to lots of connections, opens up new opportunities and lots of new friends with a similar interest.

Danny's course not only helped me identify where I was going wrong but offered effective advice for me to improve. I have already noticed an increase in followers, likes, retweets, comments and opportunities come my way and I am so grateful for Danny sharing what he knows! I am so appreciative for the engagement I now receive! 🙏

I learned how to use Twitter analytics. I now use analytics to identify which of my tweets got the most engagement, because similar to a TV advert/commercial, why would a company create another advert that is similar to a previous advert that did poorly? I want to identify the topics and the style of tweet my audience like, enjoy and engage with. With this in mind, I have been calculating my tweet conversion rates for the past month, and it averages at about 2.2% which is phenomenal!

I also learned that cross-platform promoting is OK! For example, if you like this review, you may enjoy my content and tweets on my Twitter profile @jackdomleo7. 😉 But it's true, promote cross-platform to further your engagement and more opportunities will come your way!

I also loved that Danny begins with analytics and how to use it and get the most from it. Then moves on to example profiles who are going wrong and are getting extremely low engagement, then moves on to what you can do to improve your profile. It makes a really nice structure and a really effective learning resource.

I'd like to finish with, Danny has been very successful with his online presence and following, so everything Danny shows in this course, I take seriously, because I know and trust what Danny says is authentic and true!

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