re: I'm concerned with the move that FreeCodeCamp just pulled by leaving Medium VIEW POST


I can't believe they basically said: Hey, we've moved over most of the articles, fill out this form so you can edit and fix your canonicals.

And not contact any authors to let them know what's up, ask for permission, pre-set them up accounts to review their "moved" content for fixing prior to Google indexing.

I've never really read much from freeCodeCamp (probably because the paywalls), but this feels ... odd.

I hope everything does get sorted out. The more platforms we have (without paywalls) the better.


No, I can absolutely believe that. The way these people act is almost as though they are entitled to the content because of their "noble" goal. As I mentioned in my comment, they've done similar stuff on their YouTube channel. Frankly, while many people have been able to learn to program via their platform, its come at the expense of smaller educators and content creators.

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