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This is a post I read everytime I talk about new opportunities.

In it, it goes over salary stuff and negotiating. By giving them the number, you give them the ability to lower your expectations. Whereas if you make them propose that number you have more negotating power.

The First Rule Is What Everyone Tells You It Is: Never Give A Number First


Objection: “We want to figure out whether you’re an appropriate candidate for the position.”

What you should think: “You’re lying to me to attempt to get me to compromise my negotiating position.”

What you should say: “It’s so important to me that this is a good mutual fit for us. Let’s talk about why I’m a great fit for this position: I know you’re concerned about $FILL_IN_THE_BLANK. In addition to my previous successes doing it, I have some great ideas for what I’d do about that if I was working at your company. Would you like to drill into those or is there another job area you’re more concerned about to start with?”

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