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This is something I've been curious about Molly, as I really like to be active as well. Whether it be running, cycling or just being crazy.

A few hours in an office chair is enough to have a bad effect on breathing and circulation. So a different approach is to grab a gym ball.

I started sitting on a gym ball some time ago and it's also had some really good benefits. On a gym ball your constantly active and engaged.

Core is tensed, back is straight and moving around doesn't require pushing a chair back as the gym ball is less in the way.

Not to mention that bouncing whilst coding has become my favourite pass time!

Bouncy ball


Haha! As long as you don't put it in one of those stupid, purpose-defeating-chairs These totally take away the point of the strengthening the core!


Haha, no way!! That's so funny though :D


Thank you for sharing, that’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen in the last week or so.


LOVE IT! I have a gym ball in my office at home and some days if my legs are particularly tired from an active weekend or something I sit on the gym ball.


Yes, the pink is great! :D
I'll definitely be putting some of your tips to use soon.


Should use a good exercise ball as a chair too. Helps with your core. :)

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