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I absolutely feel you!
Also been coding since 2000, and all my code and products are basically hidden behind corporate firewalls. URGHHH!!!

So I've starting building out my new personal site, added a recent project with some details on how it was done, also started writing some blog posts, although I haven't posted them yet.

I have also been shocked, or rather horrified by so much of the articles about coding I've seen lately, not here on Dev, but on other sites.

Following along with those articles and realising that this person obviously started building things 10 minutes ago and is basically telling the whole world how to do things. I've seen serious security flaws that would get you fired from your job straight away!

So maybe we can help motivate each other and remind ourselves to just ...

Keep It Simple Stupid!!!!


Thank you. Well I encourage you to post those! Even if they are not perfect. I almost didn't post this one because I was worried it wasn't done well enough or I would be dismissed, but look at how great the response has been!

I'd love to read your post!

I've actually learned new things from new developers so I do love following new blood, but you're not wrong in saying that some of the newbies can mis-post. I think it's been an missed opportunity for me to step in and let them know the risk or offer the correct solution. Perhaps you and I could both make that a new effort, to help them learn.

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