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12 Web design trends 2020

Web designing trends are one of the most crucial parts of marketing and branding a perception of your brand. The modern web designs are moreover technology and data-driven rather than just being creativity-driven. The designs that can be built at the lowest possible cost with modern web designing tools and frameworks which also facilitates better user experience along with high conversion rates are preferred.

list of our top 12 best web designing trends in 2020

*Dark Mode
*Solid Color Blocks
*Solid Colored Frames
*Split Screen
*Overlapping Layers
*Interactive 3-D Elements
*Collage of photography with animation
*Vibrant Color Schemes
*Interactive Cursor animations
*Color Psychology
*Easy to modify web designs
*Minimalistic header & navigation

  1. Dark Mode
    Dark mode web designs have huge demand these days due to power-saving capabilities and ease in working on computers for extended hours. The LED and OLED screens are designed in such a way that they offer great visibility in dark scenes and save a huge power which becomes a competitive advantage for battery-operated devices

  2. Solid Color Blocks
    The array of solid color blocks is used in places where you want to represent multiple ideas clearly at one place which is contrary to collage where different ideas cascade into each other and have a common relevancy intersection. While creating these blogs try to pick vibrant colors for blocks and lines with fewer words to represent your idea that will provide great user experience and better conversion rate.

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