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Discussion on: Go Break Some Resumé Rules! (or not!)

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Jay C

Nice article.

One thing I believe in is that a resume should be personalized to attract the kinds of organizations you want to work for.

There are ton of different organizations and not every place is a 'fit' for each person. Resumes can help a candidate find that kind of organization that will enjoy working for. And I think this is particularly important as a person grows in their career.

It's better to have 90 people absolutely hate your resumé and chuck it in the bin and 10 people absolutely love it, than to have 100 people not notice it at all

I do like this line of thinking. It got me thinking of a twitter post from a dev advocating they will never submit a resume to anywhere they work.

Would I recommending that approach to a friend or mentee? I think its ok for a person to standup for what they believe in and if they feel that something on their resume should be highlighted to show their personal stance, thats ok. But it's also important to understand what practical impact it might have on your job search too.

Information architecture is key.

Well said.

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Joshua Graham Author

I absolutely agree. We talk quite a bit on our podcast about using these “filters” of choice to exclude places you don’t want to work for while attracting places with similar values.

That said, I also agree there’s definitely a practical side to just needing to pay bills! Being able to be picky isn’t always a privilege everyone has.

I talk a lot about building up your personal safety in practical ways to allow yourself to grow and to get to a stage you can be more selective. But that can be a very long hard road.