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Discussion on: See the Rusty Python Go

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John Nyingi

I have also been a .net developer for a while now and I began to see the need to branch out and learn a new language. This was because I was having a hard time getting customers who would like systems built using C#; Azure hosting is kinda expensive. I needed a language that would be easy to work with and also easy to host; I came down to two languages; Go and Python. The reason I choose both is because in my country(Kenya) Go hasn't really caught on, so many companies use; PHP, Python and Ruby. So the python option was to ensure I secure my future.

I choose Go, because of its simplicity and ease of learning. Go, offers all the attributes of a language I was looking for. Moving from C# to Go was easy thanks to its awesome community and good documentation.

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John 'BBQ' Wollner Author

I would love to do 2 but not enough free time to do a decent job of it