re: React devs, why did you start using React? VIEW POST


Well, it's a modern and best solution. I can easily create apps with the use of state, I can map elements and build components. It is very comfortable when coding - In React it's easy to fetch data and display conetnt.


"Best" is subjective, I'd like to think that we can come up with something with less annoyances than react. Or rather, I think it already exists, it just didn't get popular enough yet.


Och, yeah, That's true. I haven't though about that. Let me fix my mind -

In my opinion, react is very good and nice tool, which allows you to do your projects in easy way. But of course it all depends on your feeling - You may come into Vue, Angular, Svelte or even another, not popular framework.

The point is to find your most comfortable code environment. Later, everything should go fine :D

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