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Discussion on: We welcome a wonderful influx of new members from Japan

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Takuya Gami Iwakami

I'm very glad to see a warm welcome for Japanese tech community.
Actually, my timeline went crazy about yesterday and I was also excited and turned to a fan of!

Let me tell the truth of this viral. The beginning is this user's tweet. He is a developer of which is biggest tech knowledge sharing site in Japan. In his first tweet was introduced as a similar site of qiita. But his followers were much more interested in a speed of your site. they said why is so fast!? This is like native app! how fast is it?
Then Someone said this is because of next-generation CDN(fastly?). Other guy pointed this is by ServiceWorker and prefetch. Then this news rapidly spreaded across tech community in Japan( you know, Japan is very small island🗾) I think CDN makes a significant difference, right?

Anyway, web performance was one of biggest trends in Japanese tech community. So I would happy to see more about why your site is so fast.

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