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Ivan Jeremic
Ivan Jeremic

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Why has a .to domain?

Why has a .to domain and not something like or

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leob • Edited on

Maybe because the domain was available, and the others weren't ... apart from that I think it's a good choice - "io" is mostly associated with tech companies which want to sound cool and "hipster", "com" is too commercial, "org" sounds bureaucratic, etc ...

But my main hypothesis is just because the domain was available, and didn't sound weird.

Cost may have been a factor too, I guess "" even if it was for sale might have been pricey.

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Rohit Gupta

I would love

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Tamas Rigoczki

Because the content we are reading created to devs mostly by devs

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Dan D

Maybe the owners live in either Tobago or Toronto, Canada?

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Possibly for aesthetical reasons.

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Adam Crockett

dev and io are so expensive!

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