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has Git scared you ?

itsmukulmishra profile image Mukul Mishra ・1 min read

i'll start with one of my scariest moment when i was like just got started with git cli. around 5-6 years ago, i was assigned on a project with 3 other developers. we had read/write access to Dev repo. i created a branch for my work and tried taking pull from dev repo. team was treating me like an alien(coz i was new) so i googled how to take pull.

found lots and tried one by one. one nonsense user on stackoverflow caught my attention(dont know why lol..) i copied the command and ran it. unfortunately it worked and i got Warning Email next day because all other branches were deleted.

this was the scariest moment of my life as a coder! whats yours ?


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although git has a lot of advanced, powerful (and confusing!) functionality, operating on a somewhat mysterious level unless you are an initiate 😆, in normal day to day use you don't really need all the complex stuff.

Maybe this is where git tutorials go wrong, focusing on all the powerful "extra" features rather than what you actually will be doing day to day - which is really just fetch/pull, add, commit & push.

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Mukul Mishra Author

I have to strongly agree with you. Git official doc are not cup of tea for everyone. Infact some other blogs explain it easy way 😀

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Matthias von Bargen

Not realising what it meant when it said that my branches had diverged... Of course over to stackoverflow and copy paste git push -f into the console... Not a good day haha