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Programming languages are hard

Actually, the languages are not hard but telling the dumb computer what to do is much harder task,

All programming languages are equal

There is a lot that makes them different

Latest framework

People just say "amazing" and forget it.

Programming is about algos

It's not when you are making products, if you make language compilers or library like Lodash then it makes sense but the whole programming is not about it.


Very few niche branches of programming needs Maths. Most of them don't have anything to do with maths.


I also wanted to post the maths part. Sure, everyone needs some basic maths but not that hyper advanced scientific maths.


I dunno, calc 3 sure came in handy when I wanted to make that sweet ascii art easter egg...


I think the math thing is the biggest one. Because the only time you probably really need to know math. Is my specific case in graphics programming/game dev. Out side of this I really dont ever see the use for higher math.

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