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re: Welcome to DEV Hayden! do you have any tips for ROBLOX or Unity? Those are two things I've been interested in for a bit, but haven't started with...

Heya Chris!

Well, for ROBLOX, I recommend having a look through a bit of Lua code (it was kind of hard to get to grips with Rbx.Lua when I started). Also, don't even think about doing anything like client-side raycasting or anything on it if you break into... things that would use that. Do it server-side with RemoteEvents.

As for Unity, I've still not spent much time with it but C# is nice and easy to understand, and the exposed APIs from UnityEngine.* are brilliant, they make things really easy to script!

Anything else, I'd be happy to help!

(I'm now on to Kotlin, with a couple years work in JavaScript & TypeScript :) )

Good tips, thanks!

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