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Vim was always the sort of... black horse of editors, to me. The red herring. It was the editor you look at, go... 'Uhhh, how do you even do anything in this?' and leave it be.

And that was my view on it for months and months. Then I decided to mess around with Linux more, and I fell in love with the command line. I decided to look into Vim to see how to do more than just vim file.txt, i, change some text, esc, :wq.

And I regret nothing. Over time, I've built up much knowledge on how it works, and how to practically use it, (much thanks to ThePrimeagen for that one, his videos & streams were brilliant). It's gotten to the point where I've gone from using IntelliJ IDEs & Visual Studio to basically use using vim for everything.

I've loved my experience thus far, and I expect nothing less as my knowledge continues to grow!

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