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Current plan, because I'm not out to save the world:

Integrate Twilio Chat Bot with the Guild Wars 2 API, so I can ask it stuff about my account while I'm playing.

I tend to play with only one monitor, so this would allow me to not need to switch windows all the time. While the game itself has neat chat features like /age to know your character and account playtime, sites that hit the API like GW2Efficiency are way more useful to players.

Initial plan is to start with some endpoints that don't take auth keys for the proof of concept, then add requesting a key to get some simple account stats like age as mentioned above. Time permitting, add more complex data like achievements and guild information.

Since I've messed around with the GW2 API before (it's actually really nice for a videogame API... tons of info to grab and actual documentation), I'm toying with the idea of doing this in Python rather than going the safe route of Node. I've done Python with school but never really made anything with it.


I love this idea, both because it's something you care about, but you're planning to try something a bit new with Python too. Hope it goes well for you!

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