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re: I've found their (probably webapp-in-desguise) mobile app to be slow and buggy. I'm no longer a student, and if I wanted to pay $5/month for note t...

I can certainly see that, then. I've only really just set up the mobile app but not used it since I use the webapp on Mac and Chromebook. The Mac desktop app is also okay, but it's easier in just Chrome.

The main thing I liked was that file lists (though I think they called that databases...) have their own pages, too, so like I could have a page for Blog with its own content and files under it for each post.

Though I saw last night that Dropbox structures folders that way now, too, with a folder description, pins, and then the list of files. And I saw that I have 4gb being used for the files from the 2017 Humble Bundle April Fool's Day joke, so I apparently don't use my Dropbox space well 😅

Notion is much more than a note-taking app tho. The whole content block system does take some getting used to. But yeah, I can see how it can be too complex/confusing/overwhelming for some folks.
The mobile app was pretty slow when I first downloaded it. It's better now, and I think they're working on better offline support as well. Let's see. 😃

Yeah, it's like a combination of Trello, Confluence, and Evernote. It does look like the mobile app has gotten better, but it's still a bit off. I think I'll give it another go and see if I stick with it.

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