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If anyone is looking to buy but doesn't have the money and doesn't feel comfortable paying $0.00 for a book, I paid $30 if someone wants to have a "free" book based on my purchase.

Receipt of $30 payment

It looks like a really solid book for new devs and I'd hate to see someone miss out. But I also know what it was like being unemployed for a year after graduation, so if this makes it comfier for someone to take the free book, I hope I helped :) Worst case, I supported the book double :P


What a kind and considerate message - thanks for the support Kayla!!


So sweet of you to do that. 😊


hey, is this option still available ?


Always! You can set your own price for the book, even free. We don't mind.


Didn't even know that there is such an option.
Saw Radiohead did something similar from time to time, but never saw with a book.
What a kind and considerate person you are. Thank you on behalf of other newbies!

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