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Personal achievements, steak. More recently since I've been promoted a few times, this steak:

(photo from TripAdvisor)

45 ounce steak

Like, my boyfriend is going for his CCNA in 10 days, so we'll celebrate that with this steak. It's 45 ounces of awesome since he lets me order it medium rare (and not his medium well...).

My team at work tends to have a mandatory fun session, which ends up rarely being real fun. Like arcade and bowling and laser tag and happy hours with 1 drink.


Oh wow, that looks like a challenge!


It helps that it's "for two" haha


Steaks are a rare medium well done! That looks like a beast of a steak.


Did you hear about the psychic with dwarfism who escaped from jail?

The headlines read "Small Medium at Large"

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