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Overall, I wouldn't sweat it too much. There's some fun data visualizations on /r/dataisbeautiful lately on how most people are ghosted or rejected immediately from positions. It's easy to say that as someone not job hunting, but it is true :/ You kind of just have to keep on keeping on.

The most concrete thing I saw on LinkedIn is that while it's nice to know what you were responsible for, I came away from reading that without knowing what you did. What is it you did in that role that no one else could? What did you accomplish? Just looking down the lefthand side of your Linkedin shows a lot of "* Responsible for" which doesn't make for exciting reading or make me want to know more about what else you've done. Your site handles that far better, but most recruiters aren't going to be clicking through to find that.


I spent a solid 2-3 hours on that Reddit thread. Thank you for that.

I am having some difficulty in formulating the "what did I do" part. Considering how the internship ended on a bitter note, I feel sort of uncomfortable adding what I did there. So I just add the "responsible for" sections there.

Thank you for the feedback though.


My Linkedin is mostly emojis at this point, but that's mainly because I'm not job hunting and don't need to be a super professional that HR would love :) Trying to come up with what to write for each job is certainly the hardest part about marketing yourself, especially when you get into a funk of thinking anyone would have done the same thing in your shoes as it was the job. My workplace at least gives interns projects so they can "own" a piece of the app to brag about when job hunting.

I can relate to the part giving "interns" a small code so they can own it when they're job hunting.
In my case, I had to carve this path out because my company was not clear as to what they wanted and was so inconsistent in what they wanted off of me that I decided to do something myself so when I quit I can say I contributed somehow.

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