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re: You don't have to make any specific kind of career progressions to lead, management, etc. It's 100% up to you. If you want a new thing, go for it, ...

I like this. I'm not motivated by corporate ladders, so I don't think my manager knows what to do with me. I work at a senior level, so I'll probably get a promotion this year, but I guess I'm not excited enough about it (beyond money) for him :P

As long as I'm getting paid in a stable gig, cool :)

Part of the issue, though, is

  1. 'rockstars' are career driven, and companies like to hire rockstars, so I tend to be surrounded by that sort at work
  2. I hang out here with driven tech folks
  3. I lurk on AskAManager where everyone there is ultra career driven

So it seems so wrong to not care about a 5/10/20-year plan. Everyone thinks I'm trying to pivot to data science or ML but I'm just doing my thing whatever happens.


Wow! Kudos for keeping your ground.

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