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Which game are you playing right now?

Moonlighter! It's like a love letter to Recettear. I need this to become a genre. You go into dungeons to get loot, but instead of selling it to a shop, you put it on display in your shop and sell to the masses. You can also decorate the shop and have showcases to charge a bit extra for fancy stuff. I recommend the Switch version over the Steam version.

Otherwise, Fallout 76 and Guild Wars 2.

Do you have any favourites from your childhood that you reminisce about?

Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars. I think it solidified my single player gaming life. Puzzles! Equipment! Stats! Mario, Peach, and Bowser fighting side by side! A marshmallow that thinks he's a frog! A doll that came to life! Peach's grandma dressing up as her so she can sneak out the window to go on an adventure! So much awesome.

Do you ever revisit those games for nostalgia's sake?

I bought a SNES Classic for it and had it on the Wii Shop :) I sold my SNES years ago because of how bulky it was and I moved too much, but replaying it on SNES Classic is so good.

Also, not childhood, but I will talk about Fallout New Vegas all day every day


I've been considering Moonlighter for a little while, and you just sold me on it. Comparing it to Recettear is high praise in my book!


I'm glad to hear someone else understands how fantastic Recettear is! Moonlighter's pricing took a bit of getting used to, and I've encountered some very annoying bugs, but overall I like the feel of it and the story.

Example on pricing:

Recettear: Go into a dungeon, get an awesome widget, go to the store, it's popular, mark price at like +100% base price to make a good profit

Moonlighter: Go into a dungeon, get an awesome widget, go to the store, it's popular, mark price at WHATEVER because all prices start at zero until you see they work and then they propagate, hope to not alienate customers. There's a merchant notebook in the inventory menu that fills out as you learn customer reactions to prices, and it sorts items by price, so you can do a bit of finagling with that. I just found a price guide on the Steam Community, but I know some people love finding that sweet spot.

Moonlighted added to my switch wishlist. Too many other games right now (good thing)!

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