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re: In America, college is generally overrated. Like some of the other commenters have pointed out, there are plenty of professionals who are self-taug...

In America, college is generally overrated.

I absolutely agree. It's frustrating when most interview advice can be boiled down to spend months studying your algorithms and theoretical engineering concepts. Suggesting CodeWars to "brush up on your language skills" really means "solve the problem in as little lines of code as possible to reinforce knowledge of obscure algorithms."

If a candidate can write good code but not use the right phrases in an interview, they'll be passed up. College will teach those phrases, but work experience will teach using it in practice. I'm mainly thinking of Big O and stuff like that since formal engineers will toss around phrasing like N+1 and go on and on about performance only using Big O phrasing when a self-taught dev will know not to use nested loops but is less likely to know how to say that. It's things like that that end up gatekeeping positions to only people with degrees, which then continues the cycle of only valuing employees with degrees.

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