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I wouldn't trust an employer to provide for me, and I think that's more the meaning of the excerpt.

Like, my company had frequent Lunch n Learns / Brownbags, and now they haven't had one in the past ~6 months. They also had a Pluralsight license but suddenly switched to Udemy and are now realizing that the quality there is hit or miss but it's cheaper. I don't want my growth to be determined by the whims of the company. And even with those, they don't factor as work time. It's things available for use when your butt isn't in the seat.

Other professions that are built around constant certifications have been handling study time at work great. If you're an actuary, you'd never consider working somewhere that doesn't give a solid chunk of study time daily/weekly. I think the difference with tech is there's no measurable way to say you're using that time wisely, so they don't offer it. Lurking here helps me personally be a well-rounded engineer, but there's no metric for that, so do it "off the clock". And there are few certifications I could get to show off I'm using this time for the behalf of my company.

I'm going to continue to maintain my Packt and Tech Ladies subscriptions on my own so I can keep growing as a person. While it'd be nice if my employer would help with costs or time, I don't want to rely on that. My growth is my own that they just happen to benefit from 40 hours a week.

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