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re: i don't know if jira itself is an anti-pattern, so much as it's such a powerful tool that people forget that there are other ways to plan for and m...

Very good point :) It's a tool that brings out the antipattern in all of us haha

It sounds awesome that you have a place that's worked hard to keep those goals so visible!

I mentioned it elsewhere, but I think the issue starts with companies paying for a tool and expecting all little bits of it to be used. And then buying tools that integrate with it. And then not wanting to budge on adding more tools.

So when Jira has the issue tracking and metrics you want, you end up using it for all your Gantt charts and high level stuff, and then using it for emergent work as well as long-term stuff, and then using it to track timekeeping and test cases, and then hooking into Confluence for documentation and ultra high level requirements/goals. And then you can't leave because the whole company is in there. But adding Trello or something would mean more money and only vetting options that have webhooks with the existing thing. And that would fragment the company, so keep everyone doing everything in the one tool that only does a part of it really well.

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