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re: I feel like this article represents a certain angst I’ve felt for a while. In our small org, we have consistently re-written and re-factored our c...

I think it also comes from a place of different org sizes having way different needs.

Small business:

  1. This doesn't feel like it should be a hard problem. It's just talking to people, right? We don't have many people so yay
  2. Planning to plan is a waste of time. Find something to do and do it or queue it to be done. Boom, done.
  3. Wait, why did we get all these different things to do things and talk to people? We were just supposed to be working hard and fast.
  4. ???
  5. Profit? Or take the time to do a retrospective on all the crap going on and aggregate.

Big businesses:

  1. Well, we spent the money on this tool for 200+ seats, so use it for everything
  2. We need you all on the same workflow to judge you all evenly
  3. No kanban. How will we do sprint metrics review if you all are off doing your own thing?
  4. No unique metrics. Only these things turned on in the tool. That way we can silently judge your teams against one another.

(I may sound salty, but that's mostly because I wrote a 15 page paper on how companies use Agile metrics wrong)

True Agile kind of sounds like exactly the process you've been doing. Try it. Does it work? Keep it. Did it not? Ditch it. Though I'm with @rhymes that the timing of the email-less post was perfect :)

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