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Protractor has been under the Angular umbrella for a while. Protractor 6 was going to be the big move to the most recent Selenium Webdriver version to nix the Selenium baked in Promise handling and go full into async. With how hard Protractor leaned in to wrapping Selenium, including maintaining their webdriver-manager package for getting the latest browser drivers, I'm not terribly surprised that got shelved.
I've been following that for a year or so so they were trying to move Protractor forward for a while. My understanding of the diff between 5 and 7 is more just bumping dependency versions since all the actual work for the past year+ was in 6. On one hand, I'm glad I don't have to rewrite my tests that are a weird blend of forcing Protractor to work in ES5 if they had bumped versions. On the other hand, though, you're right that they just coughed up a version to look like progress when their 6 release didn't pan out.

Interesting thing about the 6 release was when they did it, it was out for a bit before they pinned the npm package at the latest 5 release, before doing another 5 bug fix release, then doing a 7 release... 6 existed and was out for a few months. The problem was downloading it meant you needed to be on the bleeding edge of everything else in the Google ecosystem. I'm not writing e2e tests for beta Chrome versions and pre-release versions of Selenium... so I kept to 5. Checked back a month later and they removed 6 from the versions list and were on 7 as a marginal bump from 5.

TL;DR: Protractor 6 is like Angular 3 -- it never happened.

Re: the list of names: Aww, Brocchi is one of the best people

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