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Why You Should Opt For AR Enabled eCommerce App Development

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As per recent research reports, the eCommerce industry will be worth $24.3 trillion by 2025 and will still have a CAGR of 11.2% YOY. To segment this massive market further, almost 72% of the purchases are done on mobile devices instead of desktop or other devices.

As such businesses that are to utilize or are utilizing eCommerce as a major sales channel need to stand out from the rest of the field and understand and solve customer needs and wants better than others. Providing better ways to get information on the product and make more informed decisions can help you and your customer by presenting all the unique features of your product to your customer and the customer will know about your product in more detail so that they can make an informed decision about the purchase. That is where latest technologies such as AR eCommerce app development comes in.

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Current Shopping Experience

Right now most eCommerce companies offer apps or websites that are cross platform so that the end user can buy from anywhere and with a robust backend of their own or created through third party delivery agents, deliver the product to the end user. The major missing out that is happening especially for high ticket sales such as AR furniture is that customers and prospective buyers don’t get to experience or analyze the product fully as they can do in offline shops, as such high ticket sales are still carried out offline.

Right now, customers can buy products online after analyzing the product through written content and reviews and photos and videos posted by the seller.

There is a large scope for a technology that can provide a life like experience to the end users.

How AR/VR eCommerce App Development Can Help?

With AR/VR development you can provide a custom shopping experience instead of your customer just browsing on app or website. AR/VR can enhance the shopping experience of the end user by making them experience the product as if they were there and providing an experience that is close to a offline showroom.

There are certain benefits that only AR/VR can offer such as:

  • Virtual trials of garments and glasses and other fashion items.
  • Personalized suggestions and recommendations
  • Virtual tours
  • Virtual showcase of furniture for the customer’s location
  • Trying on new hairstyle or makeup without actually doing it

Here are some examples of top Shopify stores utilizing AI & AR/VR technology to offer the best user experience to their users.

Industrial Applications of AR/VR for eCommerce

Let’s focus on three industries that could see the most immediate benefit in their eCommerce efforts with the help of AR/VR.


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