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Laravel Vs CodeIgniter to Choose For Your Next Project

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Every start-up and enterprise effort to have an interactive and well-structured website. For a startup business, the website gives the platform to share online their product and service in the market. They received insight by tracking audience behavior. For the long term, A website assists in an effective way to increase business popularity on digital platforms, boost brand reputations and enhance visibility 24*7 to their target audience. In case If you are planning to developed and running your own domain today, it can get a bit overwhelming.

Currently, Many Web development tools are available in the market you can utilize them. one of the most popular and favorable open-source is PHP. It provides many tremendous frameworks to build dynamic, customize, and e-commerce websites without any hassle.

PHP stands for hypertext Preprocessor, it is widely used as an open-source and server-side scripting language processor. It provides around 80% open-source framework for every start-up and large enterprise. PHP is coherent with all large-scale operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and Mac Os. It performs many tasks like server-side scripting, email sending, command-line scripting, writing desktop applications, and so on.

With the PHP, never stop the popularity and fame of this language. We discuss about the two most popular robust frameworks Laravel and CodeIgniter which are provided by PHP.

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Introduction of Laravel

Laravel is a more admire open-source PHP framework. As of today, these frameworks keep 0.29% of the market share. And around 68,500 websites build worldwide by Laravel frameworks. These frameworks handle a bunch of tasks such as server-side routing, HTML authentication, readying template system, catching, etc.

This framework provides PHP components and many libraries that permit to developer create web applications easily way. Laravel offers the best wide range of features such as personalized back-end logic, template engine, MVC architecture support, full-stack app, database migration, artisan, security, and unit testing. It helps then automate repetitive jobs with elegant and expressive syntax. Hence Laravel saves the developer valuable time.

Why Use of Laravel?

  • it is supported with large database management systems such as Mysql, SQL-Server, and PostgreSQL.

  • It offers a bunch of features that help developers save their manual effort and time spent on coding.

  • It has a great interface as an artisan command-line that is used for performing many tasks such as database management and migration.

  • it debugs easily sample code line interface

  • it provides an effectively well-document framework based on a modular package system.

  • Laravel is known the most popular open-source framework in the market, which means, the laravel developer community is enormous and thriving.

There is no doubt fear, the developer should more focus on building web applications and less time waste in choosing frameworks, tools, and libraries. Laravel provides more efficient components, tools, and libraries for developers. So developers have become more productive. Today Most Popular brands developed their web portals using the laravel framework.

Name of the popular brand build by Laravel





Introduction of Codeigniter?

CodeIgniter is an extremely simple lightweight PHP framework. It provides a simple rich toolkit that helps to create full-fledged and dynamic web applications. It supports MVC architecture to hold the PHP, app design, and run database code parallelly. CodeIgnitor provides a bunch of libraries for performing various operations such as sending emails, uploading files, managing sessions, etc

As of today, these frameworks keep 0.21% of the market share. And around 50,000 websites build worldwide by CodeIgniter frameworks. It has superior data security procedures and so it is often considered the top framework in the market for creating a dynamic website utilizing PHP.

Why use CodeIgniter?

It use with easily configuration and procedure for downloading, quickly setting up, and coding apps.

It supports a pre-configured class for sending the bulk of email

It holds information on web app data and visitors.

It provides high-end security for unauthorized users.

Developers can easily use various functions such as testing class, calendar class, and template engine.

It assists to create solid and reusable components that help to make the entire web development process fast and easy.

Popular Brand Using CodeIgniter:

CodeIgniter provides well-structured documentation frameworks and business migrate data easily form one server to another so that this framework is much more popular in vertical business industries. Today Most Popular brands developed their web portals using the CodeIgniter framework.

Name of the popular brand build by CodeIgniter


Casino America Inc

Philippine Airlines Inc

Guide Comparative Analysis of Laravel and CodeIgniter:


Using these laravel parameters, developers can easily implement authentication and authorized rules. In CodeIgniter developers require to write a custom extension for the authentication process.

HTTP Support:

Laravel provides the facilitate to build custom HTTP routes and form a precise URL for every route. CodeIgniter doesn’t give facilitate HTTP, but it also possible to URL with data transmitting method between two paths.


it offers highly a robust command-line interface and follows the MVC architecture pattern. CodeIgniter support structure-based MVC architecture.

UNIT Testing:

Laravel has an in-built unit testing tool, so developers can test app code through unit testing. While CodeIgniter it doesn’t provide inbuilt testing tool, so developers can take assist external plugin for testing.


developers can faster build a collection of REST API through laravel frameworks. While CodeIgniter frameworks don’t easily streamline the development of restful API.

Reason for Popularity:

Laravel framework follows the MVC Architecture pattern and makes an object-oriented approach, it is most suitable for all kinds of web applications development. While the CodeIgniter framework is so popular, it comes with easy-to-learn and offers an excellent well-structured documentation framework for developers.


Laravel is an extremely supported relational object-oriented system. While CodeIgniter follows an object-oriented programming language database model.


Both of the above, PHP Web frameworks are used very large-scale by developers for creating websites and web apps. There is no any doubt, that Laravel has provided many functionalities, great tools & libraries, robust database support, and inbuilt unite testing. And also CodeIgniter is not far behind. Both frameworks allow superior testing methods and better scalable options for web applications.

Therefore it concluded that choosing either Laravel and CodeIgniter finally depends on the type of website platform a business wants to build and maintain. In this way If you are more confused about which one is suitable for web development projects, don’t delay, do let us know by dropping a line below, we can help you get started.

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