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IT Path Solutions Is Getting Appreciated For Its AI & ML Capabilities

For over 12+ years, we at IT Path Solutions have been dedicated to creating powerful and innovative & award-winning web and mobile application development solutions for our clients across the globe. Our talented developer team is fully committed to developing transformative digital IT solutions that deliver the highest quality, security, and performance standards in the industry.

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We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality cutting-edge app development solutions which is why we are excited to announce that we have been featured in top 50 Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning companies India 2021 By Startup Lanes.

Startup Lanes is the largest freemium model startup accelerator present in 56 Cities across 15 Countries. It is a structured network of startups that facilitates Founders to network with other Entrepreneurs, Mentors, Investors, Job Seekers, and Professionals.

We serve diverse industries and clients such as Automotive, retail, restaurants, and logistics as well as healthcare, IT, e-Commerce, and media. Over 700+ happy clients and 5000+ successfully delivered projects attest to our expertise and client-oriented approach.


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