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Discussion on: Got paid $0 for a 3 months client project

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Izzy Ninja ⚔️

That's terrible man, but at least you learned from it. I had a similar issue with a client early on, but not the exact same thing. I kept putting proposals and scope documents together for a board member of a non-profit over the course of 2 months, to the tune of about 8 hours of work.

At our final meeting, he changed the scope and asked me to redo the proposal... again. At this point I had already quit my day job and was developing my own company, so I politely told him that I had already changed the documents 5+ times and that I had not been paid for any of my time. He then admitted that he didn't actually have access to funding for the project and had to get a vote from the board to fund it, but they only met quarterly. I pulled the plug. Lesson learned.

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Sunny Singh Author

That's insane. Might've been my same situation (they either never had money to begin with, or were planning to pocket it all). We learn the hard way.