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Great work Chris! Unless I missed them, and only a suggestion, but is it worth adding links to the previous and next pages rather than always returning to the menu to go to each topic?


I've added a next link for now. twitter.com/chris_noring/status/12... let me know what you think. I will add a previous link as well real soon, promise :)


That's the next feature on my mind actually.. just need to build it :)


Hey buddy, thanks for sharing it. Gonna read soon.


I am grateful for this. Thank you!


Very excellent. I'm enjoying and learning - Thank you.


Wow. Good job. It looks good and I have bookmarked it even though I don't develop anything with React.


Thanks a Lot... I totally Loved it.


Thanks and good luck building your personal site :)


Thanks mate, did you write it with React? :D


I wrote it with a SPA framework ;)