How YOU can learn modern JavaScript and GraphQL with these videos

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Building your first GraphQL backend

This video teaches you how to build your first GraphQL backend. We teach fundamentals such as schema and resolvers and even learn how to integrate an external REST endpoint

How you can learn Modern JavaScript

There have been some great additions since ES5 days. JavaScript is a joy to write thanks to these productivity enhancing features


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Do you have a video on angular nad react js


well. I'm thinking what to record next actually.. Any specific topic you need there? Angular fundamentals or NGRX, maybe Firebase? As for React, what do you need there? I've got a lot of articles I want to turn into videos :)


I need just full video with sample applications in angular...even if its youtube or your blog i will download

Infact sir am a beginner but i have knowledge about html5 css android bootstrap and php...but i need learn angular so much

ok.. let me see what I can put together then :)


Hello..where is the link of the videos


Not sure I understand, it's embedded YouTube videos, are you not seeing the embed?