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Early Community Adoption & Feature Testing - Airdrop Allocations

Itheum is the world's 1st decentralised data brokerage platform, and our goals to unlock data for social good is being recognised in the web3 industry as people resonate with our vision. Our innovative approach to solving the problem of centralised data brokerage, combined with our strong technology team and fast delivery is what makes us stand out from the crowd.

But Itheum is nothing without a community! And this is something we want to address today as we continue to build our platform.

Today we are introducing our Early Community Adoption & Feature Testing - Airdrop Allocation Program.

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Why are we doing this?

As we build and ship new features, it's important that we have a community of early adopters who can test our features using our utility tokens and provide feedback. As blockchain based platforms run on Smart Contracts that are immutable - it's imperative that we collect early feedback to ensure that we ship secure and functioning software.

How it works?

  1. We will reserve up-to 1% of total supply of utility tokens from our "Ecosystem, Dev & Community" fund specifically for "Early Community Adoption & Feature Testing"
  2. These 1% of tokens will be airdropped post-launch of the Itheum utility token to addresses that have supported us during our early stages
  3. Participate in the activities mentioned below in the How can I participate? section

How can I participate?

Your allocation is dependent on you doing some on-chain tasks and also some off-chain tasks. The more tasks you do; the larger the allocation will be in relative to total participants. You will need to do AT LEAST ONE on-chain activity so we can snapshot your participation address for the airdrop.

Activity Phases:

When a Phase is LIVE, please do the specific tasks mentioned below and fill in the application form linked.

Phase 1:

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This Phase is now complete as the Polygon hackathon is over and the results have been announced. If you did vote for us at the Polygon hackathon; please follow the steps below.

on-chain tasks:

off-chain tasks:

Phase 2:

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Announcing the Itheum Learning Quest Community Campaign

Status: LIVE

Phase 3:

on-chain tasks

  • Data DEX Testing: Mint and own a Data NFT - Use our "Polygon Chain Testnet Data DEX", join our "data insights app" and fill in the data form and mint and own a Data NFT that provides inner-value (access rights) to the data.

off-chain tasks

  • Coming soon...


Phase 4:

on-chain tasks

  • Data DEX Testing: Use our "Polygon Chain Testnet Data DEX", request some Testnet tokens, join a "Data Coalition DAO", stake your tokens and link your Data NFTs to it for bulk trade.

off-chain tasks

  • Coming soon...



  • This blog post is not meant to be investment advice nor a solicitation for acquisition of Itheum's tokens.
  • Itheum's token is a pure utility token. The purpose of the airdrop would be to use the token for feature testing of Itheum's features prior to the public mainnet launch and for you to join the community, provide feedback and to work together to test out the final platform.
  • Itheum has not finalised mainnet token public launch date and makes no commitment on any timelines.
  • Itheum reserves the right to airdrop the tokens post launch anytime between 3-6 months of the public launch.
  • Itheum has still not finalised our primary chain; but we will most likely have a token supply bridged over to Ethereum OR Polygon. So in any form you fill please provide an address that is owned by your in both Ethereum and Polygon (Metamask addresses work well for this). We reserve the right to decide on either Ethereum OR Polygon as the airdrop chain based on our own discretion.
  • When you provide your addresses in any form, please DO NOT use any exchange addresses.
  • Itheum reserves the right to adjust allocations based on program activity in relation to total participants.
  • Itheum reserves the right to adjust total allocation reserved based on other planned future activities around community airdrops (i.e. we will not guarantee that 1% utility tokens will be reserved for this specific community airdrops program).
  • The 1% allocation will be shared with this program and other future programs designed around early adoption and community growth.
  • It's absolutely important that you enter your correct on-chain task address in any submission forms you fill in. for e.g. if you vote for us in the Polygon hackathon, please enter the Polygon address you used to vote. This is the only way we can assign the token allocation. Itheum will not be able to provide your allocation if we cannot match your form address with the on-chain address we see and we are not obligated to change addresses or do manual matching.
  • Itheum reserves the right to stop this Airdrop Allocation program at any point in time.
  • Itheum reserves the right to adjust the total token allocation reserved for this Airdrop Allocation program at any point prior to token launch and make relative adjustments to individual allocations.


What happens if I vote for a project in a non Ethereum/Polygon blockchain hackathon?

If the on-chain task is a vote for Itheum in a hackathon that was NOT on the Ethereum or Polygon blockchain then please provide us a personal Ethereum or Polygon address. As we have not finalised our decision of the primary chain yet, we intent to bridge tokens to either Ethereum OR Polygon in future and we will work to consolidate your voting address on the native chain with your personal Ethereum or Polygon address for the allocation.

For example, if you voted for us in the Celo hackathon, then when you fill in the application form put in your Celo blockchain address here:
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AND also put in a Ethereum and Polygon mainnet address here:
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This is so we can match your Celo address based vote and send your the relative allocation to either your Ethereum or Polygon address.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us on telegram:

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