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My name is Israel, I'm from México and I'm currently doing Full Stack Web Dev.
I studied development back in college (10 years ago) but stopped programming. I took a boot camp last year to get back on track and here I am!

What brought me here is the amount of quality content that I see the community writes, as well as the very kind comments I read!

I also joined the mentoring program, as I'd like to contribute to OSS back, as I've benefited tons from it and I'm also working on a CRM with my girlfriend. We'll be releasing it sometime later this year.

Last but not least, I'm writing my first blog, which I'll be putting here, about a problem I had while developing an API for a customer, hopefully, it'll be ready sometime this next week.

Regarding the music, I usually code while listening to soundtracks, either movies or video games (specially TLOZ). I find it soothing and it helps me focus!

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