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Discussion on: facing depression as a beginner in software development

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Israel Alagbe

Nice post. But concerning the tutorial video stuff, I usually find it easier to learn from multiple videos when I get stuck, because different tutors explain things differently.

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codeuiandy Author

that's my point it okay learning with different videos when you get stuck, but thinking you can start a career, beat the competition out there by just using youtube videos as a beginner is not a very good step to follow.

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Tomaz, Osvaldo Neto

Hello Dev friend, when I'm learning some new stuff, I first buy 2 or 3 courses in Udemy , analyze them to put in better order to study, because making three ways, I can strong the basis, and learn different things of different instructors, and get different exercises too, and some cases like was with javascript I went to Wesbos website and did the 30 days javascript :) ... With .NET Core I went to MS websites too :) for me always has worked ...