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Start use Google like a developer

You may use Google for every single thing but did you know that you weren't use Google's real powers! Will if no this is just for you then! Every single thing here is a Google search operator.

this is not what I want!

Yes many times it happens that instead of 'python course' we get 'python for free'(this is just made up!).
So to prevent this use quotation marks.
Take an example:
try to google free python courses
Google will show you websites with each word, means it will go through each word then check for similar words on any website.
Now type the same thing inside quotations, will now you will see google shows website with the same sentences!

this is out dated!

Yes many websites are out dated making it difficult for us to get right data, but luckily Google gives us the .. operator. This little thing helps us to find data from any time line.
Take an example:
Imagine you what data of typescript but it should be from 2018 to 2020 for no reason! So just type, typescript 2018..2020
And vola! Results of Typescript from 2018 to 2020!

but this is not a good site

Maybe for some reasons you may like to read about python from but when ever you type a python problem Google shows results from
To prevent this you can use the site: operator.
Take example:
From the example above you what results from so to do that try typing Django in python And now all results are from!

this is a long one

Sometimes will using Google we tend to write a lot making it difficult sometimes, so to not do that we can use the * operator, this if inserted between a text Google will automatically replace it with some other text and show results.
Take example:
For instance you what to search for something related to Django in python but don't know exactly what to type so place the * operator in between them, Django * python and now you will get a bunch of results with relation to Django and python!

Which one of these crazy operators were your favourite? Mine was the out dated one!

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