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Projects todo if you want to learn python(and if you are just starting with it)

what's python?(If you don't have any idea about it)

Well I can tell what python is but the this post will be like more of a borring lecture!
But instead you can learn it from my website which in beta version called ezpie.

what projects?

These projects are taken from searching and self done.

No.1 todo list

Todo lists are the most best way to start learning any programming language Infact. Therefore start python with a simple todo list!

No.2 rock, paper, python?

Rock, paper, scissor is the most easiest game to ever make. So no big deal making it with python.

No.3 guess the number

Try to making python pick a random number then try guessing it.

that's all

Although this is all but this is never going to end! Yes I may post more such if you want, but it's always a good idea to take part in competitions! Yes in my website ezpie I will be hosting challenges every once in a week(mainly weekends) and end in one week. That means a one week long challenge every week! But to make this happen I need you help! By sharing about who is ezpie! To the whole world! Yes if you share a lettle about me and make a comment below then the chances of challenges is for sure!

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