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How I would learn programming(if I could start over)

How I would learn to program (if I could start over) is one of the most appealing suggestions on YouTube! So I thought, "Hey! Why don't I write the same thing in dev!" So here is, How I would learn to program (if I could start over).

Which language to begin with?

First of all, I would think of which languages should I begin with.
For starting, I would prefer to begin with something simple, easy to learn, and easy to code. So the choices for this are:

  • Python
  • javascript
  • Ruby
  • PHP

So many choices to choose from!

But it adds up agreeably to say that python out of these languages is the easiest and simple to remember and with more opportunities for making apps and a lot more!

Get the core

Now I have my language and now I want to learn its basic things, like:

  • syntax
  • variable naming
  • function defining
  • OOP (if it is a dynamic type)

What am I learning this for?

Now, I would ask myself, "What are you going to make after learning to code?" well, if I learned to code to make an app then I would learn about app-making frameworks and tools, if it's for the web then web making frameworks and tools (and totally for backend), and if it's for making AI then all those frameworks and tools used for that.

Start with the framework

Say, I learned python for making websites, from the backend as python is used for servers. My main objective would be to learn a framework like Flask or Django, But I would still start with Flask as it's easy to use and learn.

Once I knew Flask, APIs, and how the web works I would start with Django.

All from me

That's all I can say in simple words about "How I would learn to program (if I could start over)."

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