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How I learned many languages(and how you can to!)

Yes, I know a lot of languages(Programming once), and it's not easy too. So here's how I learned so many languages and how you can learn too!

Learn one learn all

I started with the easiest programming language so that I get a hang of what I am into. I picked python, mastered it, and tried out all sorts of things I can with it.

Pick another

After a month of mastering python, I picked up another easy language to master, for which I picked only JavaScript!
And another month of javascripting and I now was good to say I know a lot!

Pick another one

Now This time it is not about learning the programming language but just getting the core of it, for which I picked C, C#, and C++
Then I was good like a pro.

Get anything

Now I have an understanding of all most all programming languages(most have the same Syntax and rules) so now if I try any other language I can easily understand it within weeks!

But the main thing

This sounds easy but is not! Yes, you have to seat for like 5-7 hours a day to get hang of it. Then up to at least 2 simple projects and then repeat!
This often gets boring, but you know once you have to do something you have to do it at all costs!

Some tips

To make it easy for you all, here are some tips That worked for me:
-Understand the syntax: Get hold of the syntax of the programming language you want to learn

-Get all variable naming: variables are important, that's why you should always make note of how variable naming goes for any language

-Common things: There is a lot in common in many programming languages, making it easy for understanding them. So get hang of things like data types, loops, if..elif..else blocks, arrays, switch, function defining, OOP, etc etc

-Using for what: Most programming languages are used for the same use as python and golang is used for the back-end, therefore knowing the back-end with python can help a bit with the back-end with golang

Big end with a BIG SECERT

I would personally prefer you to learn python and C(or C# or C++ or java) as many programming languages have these guys syntax and much in similar

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