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I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Ruby, buuuut I am SO TIRED of typing all these frickin' underscores for snake_case! 🐍


I find snake_case a bit easier/faster to read. It's obvious if you think that "_" it's a better visual separator than a case change.


I didn't think about it until you said it, but yes, snake_case_is_annoy_to_type.


It feels like I always have one finger on the shift key now! 😭

But does your pinky finger feel me? Cuz mine doesn't feel anything anymore 😂


Doing PHP I can relate, even more so, because it isn't even consistent about it, some are snakes, some aren't.


I can relate, I use python all the time, but I always feel like camelCase flows better while typing.


When I'm switching between Ruby and JavaScript, I always end up writing camelCase for both and needing to rewrite a bunch of Ruby method names. You're so right, the flow of camelCase is just...better! (Which I guess means more efficient to write? Is this really just an issue of number-of-keystrokes?)


Me too!.......after they're written. Just not before and during. ;)

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