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Discussion on: Developer with New Baby Coming Soon — HELP!

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Isaac Lyman

We've got an 18 month old. It's so joyful to be around him. Honestly, he's always been a good sleeper and some babies are like that. We lost more sleep because of our dog than we ever did from the baby.

I work remote. We have a pretty natural routine: I help get the baby up and make his breakfast, then go downstairs to work. When I come up for lunch, if the timing is right, I help feed him again. I always finish work between 4 and 5 PM, so at that point I come up and the rest of the evening includes making dinner, playing with the baby, reading to him, bathing him, and putting him to bed.

You probably get this, but it bears repeating. Kid comes first, job comes second. Your team will understand if you're not there sometimes.