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How to make your clients choose web devs over nocode tools

Some people say that nocode tools are the future. I'm seeing a lot of websites being build with wix or wordpress, but us web devs will always prevail against them - here are ten useful tips that will get you to being a top freelancer.

1. Hosting

Paying monthly to keep a website online is a global nightmare. To be honest, all you need is 100% uptime. Using a hosting service like Vercel, Netlify, or Replit promises 100% uptime for free.

Do not worry about bandwidth - unless their website has over 10K users, 100GB is plenty.

2. One-time price

Don't make your clients pay you monthly for the website or hourly for the work - a one-time fee should do it for what resources they've used.

3. Focus on performance

One thing that nocode tools can never promise is powerful performance. Stick to Next.js, or something simillar with dynamic loading. Just by using dynamic loading or websockets, that promises better performance.

4. Make an admin dashboard

Just by making a simple admin dashboard, it seriously improves the experience of your freelance clients and makes it easier for you as well. As long as they can edit the website's content to their liking, you are both better off. Rather than giving them a drag-and-drop website where they can possibly ruin your beautiful UI/UX, let them edit the text and basic contents and that's all you need to do.

...And that concludes this article. It was short, but I hope you liked it. Enjoy, happy coding, and happy dancing on the graves of nocode tools.

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sewellstephens • Edited on

Although I'm not against no-code tools (I use them myself), I think if you are going to use them at least know HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Some examples of no-code tools I use are Zapier, and Wix's Editor X. I also use Gitbook for documentation, although I don't know if thats no-code. And of course I use Numerous SaaS products for my products, and some others I shut down.

Btw I use the developer version of Wix that nobody talks about which lets you throw in javascript code and dynamic dataset content. You can even build a full SaaS app on Wix without it being a full no-code tool. Most developers don't know that as I seem to be the only one whos ever done it.

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Portious R Banda