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Confessing some regretful stuff I did on my programming journey

I'm a site moderator on replit, fighting the bad guys and enforcing the rules, but it wasn't always so. Before that, I did some stuff I truly regret that will always make me cringe. I kind of feel like I should write them down πŸ“. Some of them aren't related to programming but still are pretty stupid.

Let's not do these stuff, y'all 🀟

1. Discord Nitro

It's not worth it to get discord nitro, especially if you're trying to get it for free. It's gotten me into so much trouble.

About a year ago, EpicGames was giving away discord nitro for free, but you had to enter your card details. At that time, I didn't have a card with which to make a payment. Some people found a youtuber who exposed his credentials, so, Not knowing any better, I used them (the card was disabled) only to get a bloody pink diamond right next to my profile for a few months.

Despite some people telling me they wanted to follow the law, I still did it, only opening the gates to some worse events that should happen

2. Bookmarklet

One of my friends that was saying he didn't want to use the exposed credentials to get nitro stood his ground and did the right thing. Shortly after that, someone gave me a bookmarklet that claimed to give your account discord's nitro plan.

Not knowing any better, I thought I'd use it to gift it to the guy who was following the law. Little did I know that it would destroy my entire account.

It hit me really hard, the person who gave me the bookmarklet used my account and got me banned from a majority of servers, did the unimaginable with it, direct-messaged all my friends the nitro bookmarklet, and had his way.

Luckily I was able to recover since people knew I wouldn't do stuff like that.

Just know never to click a bookmarklet no matter what it looks like - unless you made it.

3. Selfbots

I had just figured out how to use authentication cookies and send requests to be able to control and run an automated account on Khan Academy, which obviously is against their terms of service.

I created a few accounts that impersonated some others, some that even wrote ban threats, and worse.

I decided that I needed a few hundred accounts to actually do something. That's when the next part comes in.

4. Mass Account Generation

I helped the same guy who destroyed my discord account to mass-generate accounts on Khan Academy. Taking a look back, I cannot believe how stupid I was to actually even get into communication with such an evil person again.

In khan academy, an account would be in a "locked" state until it earned enough energy points. Until then, it wouldn't be able to comment, share projects, etc.

We used replit to create some bypassing tools since we could set up nodeJS and python servers there. A few of us worked on building mass-generation tools, things that could bypass even email verification, and do many more things.

I thought I'd take a few accounts to make a few helpful tools, but things got sour, everyone turned on each other, and I was threatened of something worse than having my discord account hacked, and later figured out that my friend got doxxed and I almost did as well.

We generated around 5,000 accounts. It truly is nasty looking back at what an idiot I was back a year ago.

After this, I went offline for about two months and took a break from programming. This was too much.

5. Here we go again

I participated in a codejam hosted by replit, the largest competition I'd participated in with over 440 participants. It was an amazing experience, but there was one part that I did in the dark.

To get one of my posts trending, I created a proxy browser and generated two false accounts in there to upvote my post. Creating a proxy browser is against the rules on there and generating accounts is in direct violation of their terms of service.

I was a pretty terrible person back then, eh?

One thing I'll say to all you programmers is, follow the Terms of Service of websites and tools you use. I used to break and bend them, but now I'm enforcing them.

It really isn't fun looking back at the bad stuff you've done.

Let's start out and stay good.

Happy coding y'all.

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sonicx180 profile image

How is it even possible to create bots on ka?

ironcladdev profile image
IroncladDev Author

Using API requests from a server with an account authtoken

sonicx180 profile image


vulcanwm profile image

at least uve learnt from ur mistakes

codersdigest911 profile image

Wasn't that drained?....

Nice post, only bad thing I've done with programming is accidently send ~1000 requests to KA's servers in 2 seconds....

dillonb07 profile image
Dillon Barnes

Wow... Very brave coming out with that. I don't think I'd ever share those things if it'd been me.

sherrydays profile image
Sherry Day

Very honest of you, thank you.

liftoffstudios profile image
Liftoff Studios

Dw, bots on ka are a clichΓ© now