Elixir and Erlang conferences to visit in 2019

Iren Korkishko on December 19, 2018

Originally, me and my colleague Tonya Smyrnova created this list for Syndicode blog. It's about 13 days left until 2019! Have you already planne... [Read Full]
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GigCityElixir is on October 18, 19 with a training day on the 17th.


Thank you for the info! I would be excited to get to know more about Erlang and Elixir. By the way: I looked on the website of BOB2019 and it says March 22. Maybe there is a typo in your article.


Thank you for the comment, Victor! Indeed, there's a typo! I now it is fixed thanks to you!
For getting more into Elixir I would recommend you this material syndicode.com/2018/06/07/pros-and-...
It's awesome, but nowadays it is not used as wide as the other programming languages. I hope that situation will change in the future.

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