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Discussion on: Beware of browser extensions that track you everywhere

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Iren Korkishko

Facebook used to track your data and activities too. (It seems to be seen only on Androids, however, on iOS it seems everything OK):

  • Come here:
    And at the bottom, you see a link to download all that you created on the FB from your first day with social networking.

  • Download .zip archive.

  • Unzip the archive and there is an HTML folder. Go there and find the contact_info.htm file

  • Click on it and you'll see a list of all your phone contacts whom you talked with (by phone, not via the Facebook application) and the timing.

These are the permissions you give FB usually when installing a Facebook application (the tick near 'access to contacts').

If you did not open the FB access to your contacts and phone calls, then the file will be empty. But that does not mean anything.