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The one about API's and boobies - WEEK 7

Good vibes, didn’t last long. I moved onto creating an API. Lo and behold, we are all in the same boat. Even those who have a lot of experience, were feeling a little on edge.

Using supertests, error handling with Express and creating routers, controllers and models was like exploring a new planet and writing a map to navigate, both at the same time.

There was a lot of support from tutors via zoom calls and some absolutely amazing, selfless friends to help me along the way.

Simple GET requests, took a sharp turn to the dark side quickly, when queries got involved. Again, its all new territory. I had to remind myself, that this what I signed up for and to keep going. Sure enough, with some guidance, I was hitting my goals.

We learnt how to host a Psql Database and express server using Heroku. This will allow YOU, to see what I’ve been up to, and it not just running my own computer.

I reached the HALF WAY POINT !!!

Admittedly, up until now, there have been times where I’ve turned off the video during a lecture to have a little cry, burnt the chicken Jalfrezi whilst thinking of '.then blocks' and forgotten to brush my teeth. However to think that my journey as a complete novice started on the 12th April and it is the 18th June now, I have come so so far in such a short space of time.

Juggling a top to bottom house renovation, bringing up three children aged 10 and under, living at my inlaws, family commitments, challenging cultural taboos and having developed two breast lumps within these 7 weeks ohh and the usual drama of life...I can STILL sleep soundly knowing I've reached half way.

Oh and yes, after numerous scans, thankfully, I’m clear of cancer. Fibroidema it is..and what’s the first question the consultant asked ? “Are you under any stress lately?" My facial expression, well, I’ll leave that to your imagination.

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