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Discussion on: Tracking System on a Delivery Service Website

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The delivery company would need a public API available, or sign up your client as a dev if the delivery company requires authentication to access the API, so you can send requests to it and receive statuses.

Other than that, you can build a simple tracker with axios in plain javascript where the buyer can paste in the AWB/tracking code for the package, axios sends the request to the delivery company API and returns the status.
Realistically speaking, there might be wordpress plugins that support major delivery companies API's and saves you the work with building the request/receive component, however the first point is still mandatory: get the API of the delivery company and give buyers the possibility to track the shipping.

SIDE NOTE: If using multiple shipping companies and you are building the component from scratch -> Each company has a unique type of shipping code, so you might want to sort the requests by that factor so the buyer won't have failed results.