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Top 5 reasons to use a VPN

ionorah14 profile image Laura O. Tolentino ・4 min read

It is not a secret that 2019 has produced a wide range of hacks all over the world. Of course, the main targets for attacks are governmental bodies, big corporations or healthcare systems. However, it doesn’t mean that an individual user should avoid safety measures on the Internet. Unfortunately, such kinds of cybercrime as phishing, cyberstalking, identity theft are too widespread. In this regard, prudent users try to find the best ways for protecting their sensitive data and hide it from prying eyes.

A VPN has established itself as the best technology for masking private information on the Internet. It is also widely used among those who want to get past geo-blocking and unblock restricted content from any country. A VPN creates a secret tunnel between a user’s computer and a server he wants to connect. That tunnel is hidden either from the government, ISP or a hacker. However, what makes a VPN immensely popular is that it not only masks you (your IP) but also encrypts your data. Even if for some reasons a hacker has managed to access your private data, he will never decode it. The most robust VPN providers use 256-bit encryption that is used by many governments to hide the most secret data.

Of course, a VPN is not a complete safety solution. Antivirus malware is also a must for those who take Internet security seriously. There’re also such crucial safety rules as creating robust passwords, not posting sensitive data on social media, etc. However, a VPN is undoubtedly worth using in 2019 and these are the main reasons for this:

  1. The first and foremost, a trustworthy VPN ensures complete privacy on the Internet. Today people are tired of constant monitoring on the Internet. Even search engines try to learn the information about us in order to sell data for advertisement. Masking private information is extremely vital as the damage a hacker can wreak on somebody’s professional or personal life can extend far beyond the monetary bounds.

  2. Public Wi-Fi hotspots have become the first attractive targets for hackers as they do not encrypt users’ data. Can you imagine how unsafe you are while transferring money online sitting at your favorite café or a hotel room? Your password and logins are put at risk either. However, a VPN on your mobile device will protect you against data theft for sure. The only thing for you to do is to find a provider with military-grade encryption and up-to-date protocols.

  3. A lot of internet users appreciate VPNs for a possibility to bypass geo-blocking. It’s not a secret that such services as Netflix, BBC iPlayer, etc., restrict their content for residents from other countries. However, using a VPN you can connect to the server in the USA, for example, and all content available in this country will be accessible for you as well. This benefit of a VPN can be extremely useful while traveling.

  4. Good news for gamers – a VPN is one of the best tools for creating a faux LAN, in case the developers stopped supporting the game and shut down the online service. With a VPN it is still possible to “convince” your computer that you and your friend are on the same network. A good provider is also able to protect you against DDoS attacks while playing online.

  5. A VPN can help you to save money when shopping or buying tickets online. You may have already noticed that prices on online Internet shops differ from country to country. Moreover, some shops use tricky methods to sell goods at a higher price – they raise the cost each time you leave the page of the website. To avoid such problems, you’re to choose a server which will allow you to buy a desired thing at the most reasonable price. Spend a few minutes looking for significant savings while buying tickets online. They can be cheaper if bought from a different country.

The market offers a wide choice of VPNs nowadays. There’re even free of charge VPN services that claim they’re able to protect your data. However, it’s not recommended to use them for a long period of time as they aren’t considered to be robust and reliable. Some of them can even sell users’ data to third-parties. However, it’s still possible to find a reliable VPN at a reasonable price.

While choosing a VPN, pay attention to encryption methods and protocols. The most reputable VPNs recommend using OpenVPN protocol. This protocol is fast and robust. Moreover, it supports cryptic algorithm and multiple methods of encryption. It’s also vital to find a VPN that keeps as few logs as possible. Read a privacy policy of a provider carefully to find out if a service worth using or not. Reliable customer support and wide server park matter a lot as well.

As we can see, it’s extremely important for an individual user to take control over his data nowadays. It’s not surprising that a VPN has become widely used among internet users. It’s a perfect tool for hiding personal information on the Internet. However, it doesn’t cross out keeping basic safety rules while surfing the Net.

Be wary of suspicious malware, control your data and stay safe online. Good luck!

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